Origin Sprint 850B Backpack Vacuum

$249.80 (+ GST)



Origin Backpack – 850B


Australian made Sprint 850 commercial grade backpack vacuum and blower. Domel brand Euro made 850watt flow through motor. 5lt bag capacity. Re-usable cloth bag. Optional disposable paper bags available. 15metre hi vis power cord. Clear lid with no break, no stretch fasteners. 40lt / sec air flow. 18Kpa suction. 1 year warranty.

This machine blows! and sucks. The Sprint vacuum is our entry level backpack vacuum offering excellent value for money. With a 850 watt, 2 stage motor it has the power to get the job done with minimal power consumption.

Sprint’s unique blower function is designed for easy access and use. It is effective inside and outside, blowing leaves for example. The sprint has a high quality hose, wands and floor tools.

Technical features:

  • 15m cable
  • 4 stages of filtration – The dust filter bag is made from a 100% polypropylene laminate structure. This material will not support biological growth, like bacteria, mould or mildew, should the bag get wet. The filter material has surface filtration. Improving the filtrations and allowing easy cleaning. Full vacuum performance even as the bag fills to the 5 liter capacity. Capture of the carbon dust generated by the motor.
  • Less wall damage – Vacuum hose fits vertically down behind the operator. I.E. It doesn’t stick out and knock over objects on shelves or tables. Top canister tapered inwards to help protect wall damage. 3 unique soft TPR moulded bumper for impact energy absorption and non marking shocks. Air is exhausted in the front of the machine and upward direction; no disturbance of papers on desk even when the operator is in a bent over position 10cm flexible polypropylene dual wall that absorbs the impact energy to help prevent damage.
  • Comfortable for the operator – Flexible polypropylene dual wall absorbs the motor heat; no heat is transferred to the operator. No air blowing onto the operator head.
    Shoulder pads ergonomically designed and contoured to fit correctly. Adjustable secondary pad to ensure maximum support across the shoulders. Unique shoulder pivot design for better adjustments to prevent pads from rubbing against the neck. Adjustable elasticized wrap around pads to support the vacuums weight over the hips and abdominal area. No vibration is transferred to the operator’s back.


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